Is Social Media For Business Worth it? 

Yes, it is. So what is it? In short, it means managing your brand’s voice and identity on social platforms. Specifically, your engagement and interactment with your potential customers on a daily basis. However, marketing through different advertising mediums can also draw more attention and create a conversation. Thus, you want to show your audience your authenticity by creating original and striking content. 

For this reason, using Social Media for business plays a major role in your success. For instance, It provides a connection to your customers that you can’t get anywhere else. With this in mind, understand that it can also be a very time-consuming and detailed task. So, if not set up consistently with your brand voice, it can negatively affect your online presence. Consumers want to see a constant theme between all your marketing outlets and the overall business. As a result, this builds consumer trust and paves a path for future recommendations. 

Not convinced? For example, data from a recent survey proves that 50% of consumers believe a social media profile is more crucial than a website. Likewise, most people navigate to a social profile first to get a glimpse of products, services and company info. Your social profiles are essentially a short preview of what your company is all about. Therefore, it shows prospective customers you’re actively trying to connect. 


Credibility via Social Media Management

As with any relationship, you want to build credibility. In fact, whether you’re a corporation or a small business social media is a great marketing tool. Regardless of your budget, most social platforms make it affordable to get your name out there. Additionally, utilizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business can improve your search rankings. Accordingly, as you continue to grow, your Fans, Friends, Likes, and Followers increase which in turn elevates your Brand Awareness.

In short, Social Media isn’t an easy game. If you don’t actively work on your brand you’ll fall behind. Here at 2nd Line Marketing, we make it a point to know your voice and get it out there. We create and curate custom graphics, websites, logos, and more. Your vision, our support. 

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