Billboard Advertising

Wherever you walk or drive, you will likely see billboard advertising. Out of Home (OOH) advertisements reach multitudes of people on a constant basis and can’t be avoided. Your business’s name is broadcast at all times! With an average ROI (Return On Investment) of 497%, billboards are guaranteed to produce results.


Why Choose Billboard Advertising?

Billboard advertising is the use of large-scale print ads to market a business, brand, campaign or anything else you want to be seen. Out Of Home advertising reaches consumers outside of their home and away from their televisions, phones, etc. Since billboards cannot follow consumers like digital marketing campaigns can, their location is everything. With your input, your billboards are placed in highly trafficked areas, such as highways or busy crosswalks. Billboards tend to generate more visibility when put up against other marketing methods, as 71% of people are looking as they drive

Billboard advertising gives you the freedom to create something original that speaks for your unique brand. You only have a few moments to shine, so make it one to remember! 

Types of Billboards

Before technology merged with marketing, there was only one type of billboard. Today, 2nd Line Marketing offers both digital and static billboards:

Static Billboards

Static billboards have been in use for decades. They are installed with the intention of long-term placement. Therefore, your ad is constantly seen with no interference.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are computer controlled electronic displays. You have the ability to change your ads as you please and select peak display hours. However, with digital billboards, it is possible you will have to share screen time with other ads.

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