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Why is blogging important for local SEO?

Why is blogging important for local SEO?

Time and time again blogging proves to be an effective way to boost your SEO and local SEO rankings, which, in turn, increase your leads and sales. Before we dive into the importance of blogging for local SEO, let’s have a refresher on what SEO is, specifically local SEO.


What is local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is how people find your business online through search engines like Google. Local SEO in particular is when people in your geographical area search for a nearby business. It can be influenced by many things, including the number of positive reviews a business has, the quality of content on a website, and more.


How can blogging help your business?

Blogging can boost your ranking in search engines, increase your number of website visits, and grow the number of leads your business gets. Here are some eye-opening blogging stats courtesy of HubSpot.
• Businesses that blog get over 55% more website visits than businesses that don’t blog.
• Companies that blog get up to 67% more leads per month than businesses that don’t.
• Blogging is in the top 3 content marketing strategies, along with e-books and videos.
• Most people (70%) would much rather learn about a business through articles instead of advertisements.


Why does blogging get businesses results?

It’s clear that blogging can help your business get results, but why? When blogs produce high-quality content, a few things happen.
• Your clients and potential clients have a place to go for valuable information, advice, and answers to their burning questions.
• Your business is established as an expert in the field.
• It provides several opportunities for backlinking, keyword rankings, as well as on-site and off-site SEO rankings.

Your business’s blog is a form of on-site SEO or everything on your own website. You completely control this form of SEO, since it is all of your own content. When your business is considered an expert in the field, you are providing people with a place to go for valuable information that helps your business to build trust and a good reputation. Trust plays a critical role in your business’s online presence. The more trust you earn, the higher your business will be in keyword rankings, and the more likely you are to be found by potential customers.

Blogging is great not only for your potential customers but for your current customers as well. Your business’s blog can serve three purposes: to acquire new leads, to nurture your sales, and to retain your current clients. Blogging can keep your business at the forefront of your client’s minds. It will be a place for them to go for relevant, up-to-date, and high-quality information. If they have a burning question or want more information on a subject in your field of expertise, you can become their go-to for knowledgeable and reputable answers. This will help you to foster more trust and build a stronger relationship with your clients. As a result, these clients will continue to come back to your business for help time and time again.

In addition to being seen as a trusted expert in the field, when your business has high quality, reputable content other blogs will link back to your website, or “backlink”. This is a form of off-site SEO or everything that isn’t on your website. With each and every link back to your website, particularly from other reputable websites, the more relevancy and trust your website builds. Google and other search engines use these criteria (quality and relevancy) to determine search query results. Websites that provide value and quality content with backlinks will have a higher SEO ranking. This will allow your business to appear higher in all search queries, including local queries.

To sum it up, blogging has several benefits for your business, the most notable one is being able to increase your SEO and local SEO rankings. If you’re looking to get started on blogging, but aren’t sure where, to begin with, SEO, reach out to us. Our team has a tried and true SEO process to help your business get on the map and rank higher in search queries. We work to analyze, strategize, and implement proven tactics to boost your business’s rankings, giving you a true edge over your competition. We identify and add applicable keywords to your website content, then monitor the results making changes as needed. We then build your credibility and online presence through blog posts and other content. SEO is an ongoing and ever-changing process, but we are well prepared to handle your business’s blogging and SEO needs.

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