The foundation of a great Local SEO campaign is an optimized “Google My Business” listing (Google Search, Google+, Google Maps). 2nd Line Marketing has perfected the creation, verification, and optimization process for our clients. When it comes to local business advertising, an accurate and informative listing on Google is as valuable as having an ad in the yellow pages 20 years ago. Do you remember the yellow pages? It was that trusted source for everything business related…not today! Today it is more likely to be used as a door stop, paper weight, or in my case is instantly added to my box of recycle products.

Google, on the other hand, receives about 68% of all web searches. When you narrow that down to all local searches, the percentage increases significantly. This is why 2nd Line Marketing puts a lot of effort into making sure your Google+ Local page is 100% complete, verified, and optimized by completing the following tasks:

  • Selecting the proper Google categories that correspond to your business
  • Creating keyword-rich content for the business description
  • Adding optimized images
  • Adding accurate business name, phone number, address, website URL, and email address
  • Adding your hours of operation
  • Adding a descriptor to your business name based on guidelines and need
  • If purchased, we add your YouTube video to your listing and create a YouTube channel under the same Google account

We also create, optimize, and verify your Bing Places listing in much of the same way as described above.

2nd Line Marketing exists to help local businesses gain high exposure in search engine results. Whether you’re a plumber, chiropractor, attorney, auto dealership, general contractor, etc. 2nd Line Marketing will help your business achieve an established online presence using our proven formula.

An effective Local SEO campaign is critical for any small business that wants to succeed. Think of Local SEO as today’s yellow page directory (as mentioned above). When a homeowner’s kitchen sink starts leaking, they simply go to the computer or grab their smartphone and search for “plumber.” The search engine provides the homeowners with a list of local companies that can help. Assuming you are using 2nd Line Marketing and/or similar techniques your business will show up in these searches. The homeowner contacts their favorite one. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have made this process so easy that it has become the modern day standard.

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