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Why Is Facebook Advertising Important For A Business?

Why Facebook advertising is important for a business?

Facebook has an entire user interface designed for business activities and gives the opportunity to keep business profile pages, online stores and also an advertising system that allows marketers to target their ads based on interests, income level, age, sex, location, a marital status, and many more. Facebook recently announced that they are over one billion active users. And most importantly when referring to the latest statics in 2017, we can see these amazing facts about Facebook. These facts say why Facebook advertising is important for businesses.

  • Worldwide Facebook has more than 1.86 billion active users
  • More than 1.15 billion mobile daily Facebook users
  • Over 214 million Americans are on Facebook
  • Over 307 million Europeans are on Facebook.
  • The average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.
  • 42% of marketers state that Facebook is critical for their business. (Source: State of Inbound Marketing 2012 )

So when considering the above facts we can see that Facebook advertising can be very important for the success of a business. When looking at the large traffic Facebook receives, we can see that it’s the best way to promote or market your product or the service for a targeted audience.

How to grow your business with Facebook Advertising?

As an internet user, you might think that nobody is clicking or caring about Facebook ads. It’s completely wrong. Facebook earned more than 4 billion USD from advertising this year, so people are clicking on ads. But what we have to think is how to make people click on our Ads and most importantly how to make people buy our products or services. There are various kinds of Facebook Ads that we can use to advertise our business such as domain Ads, multi-product Ads, offer Ads, Video Ads, Lead Ads, and Sponsored mentions. So we have to get a very good understanding of these various kinds of Facebook ads and their features to use them effectively for your business advertising. In simple words what you need to know is to target your ads to your ideal Consumers. So when targeting your customers, as the first step you have to find answers for these questions related to your business.

  • Where your customers live? – Your business can be a local service providing business or a business that needs to promote a product or a service globally. So depending on that first you have to select the right audience to target your ads on Facebook.


A Gym located in Union City, New Jersey – Your customers must be from around this area

A cosmetic product available on digital markets amazon, eBay, etc. – Your customers can be from anywhere in the world

This feature is very important as Facebook Ads allow us to target based on information like homeowner status, life events, interests, etc. So this is a goldmine for service providers.

  • What are the desired income levels, age ranges, etc. of customers? – The answer to this question depends on the service or product you offer for the customers.
  • Ex: A Gym located in Plano, Texas – Your customers are mostly young people

A cosmetic product available on digital markets amazon, eBay, etc. – Your customers mostly young females

So after you find answers to these questions you can very easily use these Facebook Ads effectively to target the customers directly with a great probability of conversions. There is another important fact you have to consider, while you are using this large number of targeting options available on Facebook, narrowing the audience too much also will decrease the engagement of people with your Ads.

How to select the effective ad type for the business?

Boost Posts

This is the simplest type of Advertisement which we can use to promote our business through Facebook. A “boost post” means making a post from your business page to appear on people’s timelines. We have to make a payment to Facebook to make a certain page post to a boosted post. This payment depends on the number of people that we need our post to reach. It also depends on the impression our post gains with time. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to the promotion type. Let’s consider the positive side first. In this method, we can target the perfect audience we need. So there is more probability of getting a conversion. When looking at the negative side, you have to set all the settings manually so it consumes a little time compared to other methods. And we can’t control the optimization of the boosted post. People may just like the page and leave without going through the post completely. So it will waste the money we paid as that likes are counted as engagements. But you can try this method by only spending a few dollars and see whether this is working for your business. It’s simple and effective.

Domain Ads

Domain Ads are the most commonly used ad format on Facebook. Most of the marketers use this method as we can directly bring people to our website or our Facebook page using this ad format. This ad can appear on the Newsfeed or on the right Column. This is an image ad and we are allowed to use a small amount of text with a limited number of words. The advantage of this ad type is people will visit your website, your Facebook page, and more targeting options are available for Domain Ads. So this method is very effective compared to other ad types. This is the most popular kind of advertisement that most of the Facebook marketers use at the start when promoting their Facebook page or a certain event or a product

Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads)

Multi-product Ads helps businesses to clearly showcase three different products in a single Facebook advertisement. This Multi-Product Ad can be seen on desktop or on mobile devices. There are three images, one for each product which is highlighted. Each product has its own description and a linking destination. One of the main advantages of this advertisement type is we can easily advertise more than one item and people have more opportunity to do a proper selection according to their requirement and that brings more probability of getting a sale for a product through Ads

Collections Ads (images to video)

As we all know today people are spending a considerable amount of time with mobile phones. So people use mobile phones to surf the internet and to discover and buy products. According to the latest marketing surveys, promoting a product with the help of a video is the most effective advertising method compared to others. Around 30% of mobile users agree that video Collection Ads are the best method to understand the product and its features. The collection ads allow the advertiser to use videos or around four images of products to the Collection Ads.

What Are The Best Strategies For Better Results?

Make people click on your Ad:

When your advertisement is on people’s news feeds, people will not click on them without a reason. There must be some reason to attract them to your ad. Most importantly no one is deciding to buy a certain product as soon as he or she looks at your ad. First, we must give them a reason to click on your ad. Something like a coupon, let’s say you give your product 25% off for the people who register through your Facebook ad. So like that we must capture their mind at first giving them something. Just like catching a fish. You have to give something to gain something bigger. And we can use some simple methods like using attractive female models for the promotion, using bright colors for the ads, and using sentences which highlight a problem.

 For example, let’s say for a hair growing cosmetic product ad we can use a sentence like this: “Is your hair falling out?”, so the person who has the problem will definitely click on your ad to take a look at what I can do for my problem. Actually the headline is the bold and blue color text at the top of your Facebook ad. It is the most important part of the advertisement in converting the ad to clicks. It’s what makes people decide whether to skip the ad or click on it. So it’s very important. 

Description Text

Additionally, the description text is important, but more than 80% of people click on the ad without reading the description, they decide only by reading the header. So the header of the Ad is very important. The second important point is to use the right image. The image’s job is to take the eye of people, which means take their attention. So we have to use high quality attractive unique images. When creating the Facebook ad you have to consider all the above-mentioned facts to get better results.

Track Your Facebook Ad.

It’s very important to track the status of your Facebook ads and understanding whether the Facebook ad campaign is going well. We must consider the number of clicks received and the number of conversions we are getting. After this, we have to look at the cost per conversion. This is very important. We can simply calculate this by Conversions/amount of money the amount spent on advertising. Through this, we can understand how much money we are spending to get a conversion, a sale, etc. If this is profitable we can further run it without any problem. So tracking your Facebook ad is very important.

Optimize The Facebook Ad For More Results

We must always keep an idea of how much are we spending on Facebook advertising compared to profits or conversions. So an idea about the return of investment is very important. We must always try to optimize our advertisements and increase the return on investment for promoting. Ads will work for your business or not. And no one can’t predict how people will respond to your Ads. What you need to do is try different ways, different audiences, different locations, and different age groups. Change your target audience and always analyze the results of your advertisement. The return on investment is the best way to understand it. And you can test two or three advertisements types at once. This will help you to gain more effective results for a cheap promotion price.

What Is The Cost Of Facebook Advertising?

There are two common questions that people ask about Facebook advertising. What is the cost of advertising on Facebook? And how much should I spend on Facebook Ads? We already discussed the second question. Let’s consider the first question. There are basically four methods Facebook uses for their ad pricing. You need to have a very good understanding of these pricing strategies to get great results while spending less.

They are:

  • Cost per Click (CPC) – When you select this option you only pay Facebook when somebody clicks on your advertisement.
  • Cost per mille (CPM) – When you select this option you pay Facebook for the impression your ad gets. Impression means the number of times the advertisement is shown to the people
  • Cost per Action (CPA) – When you select this option you can track and optimize the ads depending on the conversions you receive through the advertisement.
  • Cost per like (CPL) – When you select this option you can track and optimize how much of people click like to your page after clicking the advertisement

You have to read Facebook guides and take a better idea about these payment methods before spending money on Facebook Advertising. Otherwise, you may not receive the results you desire. The main objective is to spend as little as you can on each customer you find through Facebook.

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