Responsive Web Design Screen examples

Responsive Web Design

The start of an online presence for your business begins with a responsive website design. More consumers are utilizing mobile devices as their primary web browser. As a result, 2nd Line Marketing works with its clients to create the design they envision for their company. This is done while ensuring that every visitor to their site gets the same experience. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. The amount of mobile traffic is on the rise and a responsive website design is no longer a luxury. It’s a requirement to stay ahead of your competition.

Why You Need a Responsive Web Design

Although local SEO and reputation management play a large role in building your online reputation, creating a quick, responsive website is vital to widespread online visibility. It not only allows you to draw in more new and potential customers, but also helps you to rank higher on search engines like Google.

Here are the services we offer in Web Design:

Content Development

Content is one of the most important elements of a website. It’s what sets your site apart and tells the story of how and why a customer needs your product or service. In order to generate informative and captivating content, 2nd Line Marketing determines your high-value customers and designs each webpage to interest these targets. This includes creating captivating taglines, titles, and descriptions, as well as clear calls-to-action.

SEO Integration

At 2nd Line Marketing, we’ve found that the greatest missed opportunity with SEO is failing to focus content and web pages on the problems you solve for your customers. Most search engine searches revolve around a customer’s problem and their need for a solution. By gearing our customers’ content towards offering this solution, we therefore show why the customer needs your product or service. We then increase your website’s overall online visibility by incorporating a variety of short- and long-tail keywords into this content.

Routine Updates

Although search engines like Google do not roll out large-scale updates on a regular basis, minor adjustments are constantly being made. As a result, 2nd Line Marketing will make routine updates to your site, for SEO, content, and marketing purposes. This may include keyword research to help you rank higher than competitors, pillar content page creation to show potential customers your expertise on a subject, or image reviews to increase web page load time.

Website Redesign

Whether you would like a completely new website or need a responsive web design, 2nd Line Marketing can assist you. We’ll review the goals you want to achieve through your new site and assess your current site’s problems and successes. With this information, we will create a new, high-performance, highly responsive website.