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People are using Online Reviews to make buying decisions

Your online reputation is something Google can’t take away from you. If done right, with online reviews, testimonials, or people saying positive things about your business, then it is surely one of the few things that Google can’t touch. Even if your site gets punished by an algorithm updates – you still have an online reputation for customers to find you. Online credibility has nothing to do with how credible you and/or your business are. It has everything to do with how you and/or your business appear to be credible throughout the internet. For this reason, online reputation management is crucial.

If you have positive reviews, you will get more clicks than your competitors do. Those clicks & behavioral signals will also benefit your rankings by moving them up slowly but surely over time.

Having Online Reviews on a variety of sites helps your ranking within those sites

There are search results within search results, such as in Yelp for example, whereby a Google search then leads to a Yelp category page, which will then display sites based on the amount and quality of reviews that a business has. This shows that reviews are a great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic – they help you latch onto more influential sites in Google.

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Online Reviews help with online word of mouth

Online reviews help with word of mouth & constitute great referral power. If people hear about your site offline, sooner or later they are going to look you up online.

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