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To utilize Search Engine Optimization to the best of its ability, you must factor in On and Off site SEO techniques. They play an important role to each other and overall. Keeping both up to date is critical. 

To give you a better idea of how On and Off site SEO works, we’ve broken it down below.


On-site SEO is a tool used to make a website viewer-friendly, easily searchable, and direct organic traffic to your site. With this comes optimizing each web page’s title, tags, content, and layout to support your target keywords. In some cases, this means incorporating target keywords into the page’s content. By optimizing each page, your overall website will rank higher on search engines. With on-site SEO you are in control. 


Off-site SEO is the process of linking other sites back to yours, either via purposeful links that one creates, or organic links that pop up online. Over time this increases your site’s traffic and online reputation as a “domain authority” in the industry. The “domain authority” is a measurement of an entire website’s quality based on a wide range of elements. Search engines rank sites on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best ranking possible. These scores are also based on the comparison to other sites, as it must determine who has better expertise on specific topics. The development of this type of SEO is a long term process but well worth it. 

With this, we hope you understand a little more than you did before. However, On and Off site SEO can be tricky but not impossible. We strive to not only work with you but help you gain a better understanding of our work. All in all, 2nd Line Marketing is prepared to take you to the top.


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