NAP Consistency

NAP (name, address, and phone number) Consistency, is a fundamental component of search engine ranking algorithms.

 NAP Consistency directly impacts the perception your business gives off. Simply building a website, or entering your information into a service such as Angie’s List, you may already have NAP listings, without even knowing it. NAP listings are the epicenter of potential customers being able to reach your business.  

Inconsistency can hinder you more than you think! Simple mistakes, such as improper setup, confusing messaging, and sporadic errors, cost companies potential customers. Not all NAP listings follow the same format making it even more crucial to keep up with. You want to make the journey to find your business as smooth as possible for your prospective consumers.

With 2nd Line Marketing, we take the time to find your incorrect listings and update them. We handle the small yet important aspects so you focus on the bigger picture. Don’t miss out on any more potential business!

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